Next Generation Consulting for Credit Unions

Next Generation Consulting for Credit Unions

Speaking Engagements

Contact Jim regarding a keynote address or breakout session for your next conference. Live webinars and training sessions also available.


Strategic Planning

Session facilitation includes integration of volunteer, employee and member feedback, custom business plan development and organization of action items into four organizational dimensions.

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Member Intelligence

How you grow depends on what you know. Custom surveys that provide actionable insights to drive strategic direction and improve member loyalty. Surveys include New Account, Closed Account, Quality Loop and Member Engagement.

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Sales Training

Future success for credit unions will be based on relationships, not selling products and services. Most sales programs claim to be “Member Centric” or relationship-based, but many times those programs are rehashed sales programs your credit union has already tried. Our objective-based sales program is different…

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The Millennial generation is changing America. They stand to inherit trillions in wealth, they are the largest generation in our workforce, and by 2020 they will control the majority of consumer spending. They are socially conscious and personally engaged. They have profoundly different definitions of success and happiness than their parents, they have decidedly different opinions on debt, and the worst part...

They don't know your credit union.

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