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“I haven’t heard anyone else describe it that way,” is a common comment received from attendees after Jim speaks on industry topics.  This is by design because from the beginning Jim vowed to bring a different approach to common topics.  His experience as a credit union CEO provides him a practical perspective on the issues facing credit unions today, and he presents keen insights in an entertaining and humorous way.

From one-hour breakout sessions to general session keynotes to day-long training sessions; Jim provides audiences with an enjoyable and educational experience.  Read below for brief descriptions on his most popular topics.  If you don’t see a topic you need, just request a consultation.  Jim will meet with you to understand your needs and will propose a session that exceeds your expectations.

“Understanding Millennials: It’s More Than Just Delivery Channels & Social Media”

Many credit unions need to attract and serve a younger membership demographic.  Unfortunately, many of these same credit unions believe that providing some electronic delivery methods and having a Facebook page will accomplish this.

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“The New Old School: Executive Business Development for SEG Credit Unions”

For years, credit unions have bemoaned the loss of sponsor support which led to a diminished field of membership and declining performance.  What credit unions often fail to acknowledge is their own responsibility in the deterioration of the relationship with the sponsor.

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“Why Community Charters Aren’t the Answer”

The idea of converting from an employer- or associational-based charter to a community charter has become the go-to strategy for struggling credit unions.  Credit unions somehow believe that simply opening their doors to serve the community at large will solve their problems, even if they have spent their first decades serving a known, closed field.

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“Improving Your Bottom Line by Serving Your Sponsor”

Traditionally, credit unions view their sponsors as only vehicles to deliver potential members, and they have established relationships with employers based on the credit union delivering “no-cost” benefits to the sponsor’s employees.  Over time, this message has shifted from “no-cost” to “no-value” for the sponsors.

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“The Virtual Model: Dealing With Member Ghosts (Members You Can’t See, But You Know They Are There)”

For years, credit union prognosticators have warned of the death of the brick and mortar branch, and of the virtualization of financial services.  How will credit unions adapt to serving members they rarely, if ever, see face to face in a branch environment?

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“The Future is Here: Helping Your Credit Union Remain Relevant for Years to Come”

The U.S. population is the youngest it’s been in fifty years while the average age of credit union members has never been older.  Credit unions must become relevant to today’s younger consumer, and your support as a director is critical to its success.

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“Best Practices for Board/CEO Relationships”

Perhaps there is no relationship more important to the success of the credit union than that between the CEO and the Board of Directors.  Poor relationships can limit effectiveness, cause personal and professional stress, and prematurely end promising careers.

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“Getting the Right People in the Right Seats on the Bus”

Walt Disney reminded us that you can create the most magical place on earth, but it takes people to make it a reality.  Leading a credit union today is no different, and it all begins with the selection of the CEO – the one to whom you’ve handed the keys to the bus.

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“The Five Most Important Roles of the Credit Union Director”

Most of us are familiar with the standard roles a credit union director must play, and regulators pay particular attention to the financial literacy and fiscal responsibilities attached to this critical volunteer role.  While those functions are important, focusing solely on those duties is a disservice.

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“Strategize. Plan. Execute. Win.”

Most credit unions host annual strategic planning sessions, but few have a comprehensive strategic plan to use as a roadmap for the next 2-3 years.  Does your strategic plan define your business model?  Does it identify, quantify, and qualify those you serve?

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“From Marketing to CEO: Your Personal Roadmap to CEO”

Most professionals who become CEOs of credit unions do so through one of the more traditional disciplines, like finance or operations.  As the industry matures and gains its footing in the age of the Millennial, opportunities will arise for marketing professionals – those who arguably know the members better than anyone else in the credit union – to take the reins.

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"Gauging Member Loyalty: A Definitive Survey that Delivers"

Most credit unions engage a company for an annual member satisfaction survey, but what value are they getting from this investment?  Member Satisfaction is only the first stage in true member advocacy, which is what credit unions are really after.  The annual surveys sold by most companies in our industry leave much to be desired.  At DCU we developed a unique Member Loyalty Matrix that takes into account multiple factors to determine loyalty.

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by Patty Carpenter on Jim Kasch

Carpenter Speakers Bureau is proud to represent Jim Kasch as a speaker for the Credit Union industry. Jim is very professional, offers valuable content because of his years of experience in Credit Unions, is easy to work with, and has earned very high evaluations with Credit Union clients . I would highly recommend booking Jim for your upcoming meetings.

by Brooke on Jim Kasch

Jim delivers valuable insight into the industry with depth, meaning and actionable takeaways. He's highly entertaining while also highly informative.